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Tax Services:

Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

Representation to Taxing Authorities

Tax Research


​​​​Financial Statement Attest Services:

Agreed Upon Procedures






Business Consulting Services:


Expense Reduction Techniques

Insurance and Benefits Consulting

Streamlining of Bookkeeping and Operational Procedures


Personal Budgeting

Investment Return Analysis

Retirement Planning

Individual Consulting Services:

Wholesale and Distribution Companies

Executives in this field do a terrific job of marketing and distributing their products, but they often lack the proper financial information to make top level decisions. I will provide reports and analysis to you and meet with you so that you understand the full situation regarding your business operations. With this understanding, you will be able to make the decisions needed to grow your business.

A few of the areas where I help you are:

  • Cash management optimization

  • Gross profit analysis

  • Inventory analysis and unit controls

  • Operational expense controls

Service Industries

Today’s business arena contains a wide variety of service businesses. While they may offer a wide variety of services, they have common issues concerning their finances. These issues prevent their businesses from achieving their optimal results. I work with business executives to get to these goals.

Some of the areas that I advise service companies are:

  • Cash management techniques

  • Compensation planning

  • Entity structure

  • Retirement planning

Non-Profit Organizations

I find that many board members of non-profits get so caught up in its cause, that they forget to use the solid business principles needed to help the organization grow and prosper. My experience as treasurer of two non-profit organizations will help steer your charity in the right direction.

I facilitate this by providing the following services:

  • Advice on compliance with Federal and State regulations

  • Design reports for your organization's needs

  • Initiate safeguards to preserve non-profit status

  • Recommend implementation of internal controls

Professional Firms

Most professionals that I meet are very busy people, helping other people and businesses solve problems. They rarely focus on the issues that relate to their own practices. I provide the analysis and advice to address these challenges. Examples on how I assist firms are:

  • Advice on entity structure

  • Compensation planning

  • Enhanced analysis of time utilization and invoice realization

  • Integrate tax planning for the firm with tax planning for the individual partner

Cooperative and Condominium Buildings

Board members of buildings are usually looking for a no frills type of accounting service, one that gets them what they need at a minimal cost. My services to buildings include the following:

  • Adherence to compliance with all tax issues

  • Advice with debt structure

  • Optimize tax benefits

  • Time efficient audits

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