I take great pride in providing attentive service to all of my clients.  Whether I am conducting an audit of your business or preparing your individual tax return, your work will have my full attention. I will use all of my resources to deliver the best work product possible.


All projects will be completed in a timely fashion.  I will do my best to deliver a completed product within three weeks of obtaining all relevant data.


All phone calls and emails will be answered promptly.  Simple questions requiring minimal time will be answered free of charge.  I find constant communication is the best example of great client service.


No decisions are made regarding your financial statements or tax returns without your involvement and approval.  I will spend the proper amount of time with you to make sure you understand all of the issues involved in your matters.


All new commercial and non-profit clients will receive a letter from me at the end of my first engagement.  This letter will be in addition to the financial statement or tax return. 

521 Fifth Avenue 17th Floor (corner of 43rd Street) New York, NY 10175

Phone: 212-557-6800   Fax: 646-349-1301